M & M’s of Teaching English to Very Young Learners: Using Music, Movement, and Multiple Intelligences

“Kathy Kampa’s Special Workshop”

Date & Time: May 20th(Sun)  13:30-16:30
Venue: AMIKAS ,Audio-visual Room
Price for non-members ¥2000  , Regular members ¥1000
Limited seating
Please RSVP at our hotmail account.  acet-fukuoka@hotmail.com

February 12th Review

Hello everyone! We had yet another exciting day at our usual spot. We had some cool new games and crafts to share as well, take a look!

Riki introduced a game which can be played in various ways, but the one specified was more like UNO. It involves using his designed flash cards:

Craig introduced a very awesome craft which he called “The One Cut Heart.” I will try to demonstrate how to do it in this following video:

Craig also introduced us to a fabulous remixed version of most nursery rhymes called “Mother Goose Rocks.” I’d highly suggest it to any and everyone!

Antonella introduced some beautiful heart Origami, however, I myself could not do it because I am a butthead 😦 (Anthony.)

Antonella also introduced to us a great book called “Hannah’s Collection” which involves a nice mix of counting, phonics, common child oriented collectibles and other varieties and diverse additions.

(Click here for more information or to buy it.)

I suppose we all came to a conclusion that when using Rock, Paper Scissors in a game that’s somewhat Chutes and Ladders oriented, it’d best to use the formation like so:

So that pretty much wraps up most of what we did this month. Stay tuned till next month’s official date. March’s lineup is as follows

MC: Craig
Song: Riki
Activities: Grace and Riki
Grace: Book

Till then… Peace out, and keep educatin’ the youngin’s minds!

January 15th Meeting Review

Diep presented the 7 steps song warm up song, using these cute little bell instruments.  Very cute!!

Mami presented these cards to us.  She read out an occupation and the kids had to find their corresponding work place.  Cards were something like 500 yen.

Mami introduce an activity using the phrase “Have some…..”

We all look forward till the next meeting, so stay tuned into the Facebook group as well as email. Have a great day!

Meeting January 15th!!

Happy New Year ACET members and guests!! How did you enjoy your New Year’s vacation? This is usually the time of year we all have at least a week off and can relax–and EAT! Christmas and then Oshogatsu! Lots of yummy food and drink! Please join us Sunday!
Date: Jan 15th, Sunday
Time: 1:30–3:30
Place: Amikasu Building Kenkyushitsu A Room
Speakers include: Diep, Craig, Mami and Rie
Price: 1,000 yen (500 yen for first timers!)

See you there!!

October 2nd Meeting Announcement

Please join us this Sunday, the first of the month rather than the second, for our monthly meeting to be held in Kenkyushitsu C Room in the Amikasu building (just off the Takamiya station). Meeting starts at 1:30 and will run until 3:30 with refreshments afterward.
Presenters include: Craig, Mami, Yoko, Diep, and Riki.
Come one and all to get your activity ideas for Halloween and the fall!

September 11th Meeting

While it was all on all of our minds, for some reason everyone in our group happen to forget to acknowledge that the meeting fell on the date of the 10th Anniversary of 9/11….this came up on our Facebook group page (ACET of Fukuoka)…

After our one month break I think we were all excited to be back and exchanging ideas! Thanks to all of our presenters!! Some of the ideas presented:

For younger learners: put you animal cards on the board, get kids lined up in two lines and instruct them to jump/skip/run to such and such animal.

For dice attack: please see Genki English home page! Richard gave us a write up!! genkienglish.net

There were quite a few other great ideas that I would love to share with you, but…..you had to be there!

Speaking of which! Our next meeting will be held on October 2nd! Mami and Diep have volunteered to present some activities, and Riki! Riki will be presenting a story book! Looking forward to that one! Crossing my fingers he will be on time!! (Totally ribbing him!)

Elections this year went fairly smooth!! A big thanks to all of the new members who stepped up with blind faith to support our little group! Love you!!

See you in October!!

Miki Inosaka-Rust
Vice President